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About Us

Allison  & Thompson Insurance - About Us
The Allison & Thompson Team
Allison & Thompson is a highly experienced independent Insurance Agency with roots dating back to 1898 when Lytle W. Gosling Associates was founded in San Antonio, Texas. Allison & Thompson has emerged as one of the most highly respected insurance firms in South Texas. Due to our stability, professional reputation, high ethical standards, and marketing clout, we are able to access the most competitive and financially sound insurance carriers on behalf of our clients. This allows our clients to obtain broad insurance coverage while still enjoying the lower cost our buying power demands.

Our rapid growth is directly attributable to our innovative risk management services. The risk management requirements of both large and small corporations have become increasingly complex due to the change in society's expectations of corporate responsibility, additional liabilities created by new legislation, emerging technologies, all coupled with skyrocketing jury awards. Unlike many brokers whose primary function is to simply sell insurance products, Allison & Thompson has committed major resources to support companies in identifying, measuring, and managing the risks associated with running a business. Insurance is only one of the many choices available to help control the risks and we work closely with our clients in assessing the merits and pitfalls of each. After a thorough examination of each option, we then assist in the implementation of the chosen risk management controls.

Each and every day you are betting that your insurance program will provide the proper protection if you suffer a loss. If you lose this bet, the business you built with years of hard work and sacrifice could be lost in the blink of an eye. Are you absolutely 100% confident your insurance program is fully protecting your business? If not, maybe it's time for a second opinion from Allison & Thompson.

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